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Thursday, 31 October 2013

After a couple of weeks mixing it up between mostly short, a few keeper stripers and pretty solid blackfishing we finally got our first crack at some quality migrating stripers to 25lbs!

Flocks of birds have been ever present all along the coast/inlet revealing only the vast amounts of small bay anchovy, sand eels and other assorted bait fish being assaulted by small weakfish and bluefish not much larger than their prey.

We started the day trolling Tony Maja #4 white and green spoon which scored our first stripers but with visible swirling and free jumping stripers we decided to break out the lighter spinning gear for a bit more "hands on" experience. A precise cast was the ticket to connecting with these finicky bass with any kind of regularity but proved both visually exciting , entertaining and at times a bit challenging.

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Monday, 12 August 2013
  back bay/inlet light tackle action continues to be good to excellent with a host of characters such as feisty bluefish, weakfish, fluke [ short] , blowfish, spot, sand sharks, king fish , croaker, ....... and more. Tidal stage will dictate which species to target but when it aligns up favorability , the light tackle fishing has been on fire with some trips seeing 100 + fish in a 5-hr session!

The main body of keeper fluke have made their way out the inlet and will continue their Easterly migration from here on till season close. Deep water jigging has produced nice catches of keeper fluke to 5-lbs for both young and old.

Feisty bluefish ranging in size from 1-8lbs continue to provide fast and furious light tackle fun on both live and artificial baits putting smiles on anglers faces while testing both skill and tackle!

Weakfish have been exhibiting a "tidal" preference on which to feed and so when the tide is "sweet" they are very cooperative but when it's not to their liking they are as tight lipped as a kid eating a spoonful of broccoli. Chumming and baiting with grass shrimp has been the go to method for the trout. When conditions are right the baits no sooner hit the water and it's game on for these hard hitting magnificent sparklers!

For the first time since the month of March, stripers have eluded us over the last week or so but there is a change in the air already. The days have already started to shorten as the sun starts it's sojourn to the Sothern hemisphere and the day and nighttime temps have receded to a more modest range and water temps reflecting the inevitable cooling down. This week I think we will be "kicking some bass" again on the light stuff.

The back bay variety/mix bag is just plain old fun. Veteran and novice alike continue to have a blast with very consist action from blowfish, spot, kingfish, weakfish,... and more. The variety plays well for those who like to mix it up between species . The mornings and early afternoon have been the hot time slot for the blowfish but the remaining species don't seem to be so solar regulated as the rest.

With the days already shortening and some morning lows in the fifties it want be long till our fantastic fall season is underway so make sure to reserve your preferred date today aboard "Reel Fantasea" Fishing Charters! Remember to join us on Face Book for the latest reports and photos and hopefully "like us"!
Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Both new comers and regulars continue to have a blast with the light tackle mixed variety that Barnegat Bay/inlet continues to provide for anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea.

Friday morning's open boat trip for Herman Diaz, brother in law Rod, Bill Crouch and son Aiden were greeted a vast bird play that had visual bluefish blitzing all around the boat. The inlet conditions were a bit sporty from the previous days brisk North East winds but the blue seemed only more aggressive in the rough conditions.

From start to finish the guys were locked up tight and having a blast with bluefish ranging in 1-4lbs on light spinning tackle. Moving around to the back bay we found only a modest pick on fluke that had us only stopping briefly to continue further around back to mix it up with non stop action with blowfish, spot and a couple of weakfish till trips end.

Next up was regulars Jay Simmons,and Shawn Hawthorne who were joined by Tony Martucci and Carmine James with more solid light tackle inlet action. The guys were tight instantly with mostly bluefish until both Jay and Shawn added to the mix both landing 2 stripers. A brief stop on the fluking grounds had Tony icing a nice 22" fluke before we moved to the back bay looking for more variety. The first stop had a surprisingly modest bite on the mixed bag , although it turned out to be the best action as moving around only had us running from the fish.

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