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Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Stop,start,stop,start repeat and that's the way the trophy striped bass bite continues to be. When the big bass decide to dine it's game on! Conversely when time,tide,weather, appetite, mood......... well I think you know where that's going . For consistency the light tackle backbay/inlet has been hard to beat for schoolie stripers, blues and fluke . Although the bluefish have been so aggressive in certain locations getting a lure past them and targeting another species has been challenging, Hey that's a good problem to have when having some rod bending fun is priority #1!

As proof to the "on,off striper bite regular Karl Steffan aka "The Maestro" found vast amounts of bunker tightly packed to the ocean surface only to have all presentations/bait ignored. Retreating to the back bay saved the day with light tackle action with countless ravenous blues and a 1 striper that when we were able to get a lure past the blues.

The trip of the week goes to regulars Jay Simmons aka "The Bass Master" Ernie Rosenberg aka "The Ninja" and "The Big Man" Carlton Bird where the guys scored big bass to 35lbs and than fall back to the backbay/inlet to top off their "fish box filling" adventure with blues and fluke employing light tackle tactics!

WIshing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Capt. Steve Purul


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quality striped bass continue to be within range and offer opportunities in our home waters but quantity has been a challenge . The bass appear more selective on their feeding pattern with the afternoon bite working the best one day and the next day, the morning seems more to their liking. The upside to this dilemma is that 1-2 of these 30lbs + cows can be more than enough fillets for anglers to take home.

Fortunetly when the trophy bass have taken the day off , between the ocean and the bay/inlet we have been able to get anglers envolved with steady rod bending action from smaller 6-15lbs class striped bass and 2-8lbs blues on lighter spinning tackle! We actually have came tight to larger fish that have laid open the hooks bend after 20-30 yard screaming runs. ouch!

 The Jeff Hayes clan ended the week on a high note with a "NatGeo". version of striper action . The trip started with "angler of the week" and first timer 11 year old Joe Hayes besting his biggest striper ever at 23lbs only to beat that in relatively short time with a 35lber!. W e shuffled around a bit finding a few schools of bunker under attack from rampaging stripers. Add breaching whales around us while we continued to hook up with nice bass and that was about as visually exciting as it gets! The guys had a great time watching whole schools of bunker erupte from the water attempting to elude the attacking striped bass!

Capt. Steve Purul

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

OK sorry for the late report but it was the wife's birthday over the weekend and so hopefully better late than never. Anyway last week was first time that the trolling rods were stowed for the majority of the time and we were able to connect with moderate to good success with trophy size stripers and on the lighter tackle with live bunker when the schools of bunker were present and the weather cooperated. when we did bring out the trolling tackle it did offer more action which included big racer bluefish as well.

When the weather did not cooperate the back bay provided robust fun light tackle top water action from blues in the 1-4 lbs range which has been a blessing since the bay's water is almost a gelatinous state [ solidified ] with the extremely high algae bloom presently on hand. Any attempt to jig for fluke or weakfish was met with harsh slap of denial in the form of copious amounts of the dreaded algae fouling the jigs before any presentations could be attempted. Thank God for those "almost always cooperative" scrappy little gamsters to bend the rods.
    Capt. Steve Purul

Sunday, 13 May 2012

This week patience and persistence on the troll is what put stripers to 50 1/2" @ 40+lbs on ice for anglers aboard the Reel Fantasea. With bunkers schools playing hide a seek for most of the week ,the snag and drop was not an option for us but luckily the big bass did respond well to Tony Maja #4 white and green bunker spoons . I would be the first to admit that trolling is my least favorite technique for anything that swims but there is no denying how well these spoons work and they have been the difference to the "have" and "have not".

Trolling is even a hard sell for my most "hard core" crew but with my recently updated addition of Tony Maja trolling rods has made me and my anglers more receptive and committed to this technique as there is no doubt the Tony's rod and spoon combo's work like no other!

Angler of the week goes to the bass master himself regular Jay Simmons with a massive beauty of 50 1/2 " 45lbs bass , that striper was over 4 foot feet long! It actually looked more like a 50lber when we all first saw her .

The backbay/inlet also continues to offer up action with schoolie bass and loads of bluefish and if the snot grass ever dissipates I'm sure there is fluke to be had as well and with rumors of weakfish circulating can a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam opportunity be far away?

Capt. Steve Purul

Tuesday, 08 May 2012
This week the striped bass bite seemed to be suffering from a "super moon" hangover as we encountered acres and acres of bunker that seemed to swim happily along with no signs of attack from stripers. Although the backbay did continue to offer action with bluefish ranging in size from 2-9lbs on light spinning tackle . But by weeks end we started seeing the stripers shaking off any ill effects with fish ranging from 25- 32lbs on both live lined bunker and trolling Tony Maja spoons.

Anglers of the week goes to new comers Tom Zeigler and Dave Potts landing there biggest stripers ever! . Actually Dave's 32lber was his first striper ever! Nice job guys !

Strangely , the full moon can be boon or bust and what I had expected to be a favorable moon phase turned out to be a total shutdown for most of the week. This season continues to be anything but typical and so it goes..................schools in! Live and always continue to learn!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul
Saturday, 07 April 2012

The striper best action continues to bend rods , fill limits and put smiles on all the anglers aboard Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters ! Where are these fish coming from ? Who knows? The only thing I can offer is that the striped bass presents is blowing up anything preconceived notions that I have ever "known"!

The five person crew of the Jeff Stauffer Party made up by Dana Dukes, Dave Dukes, Vern Klopp and Wilmer Hoover were out from Lancaster PA. for a striped bass Slamboree with the biggest bass pulling the scale down to 27lbs! Dana got the day going by not only catching the first fish of the day but the biggest of the day and her biggest striper ever at 27lbs on a #2 Tony Maja Chrome spoon! Brother Dave was up next with a putting the next biggest fish of the day at a respectable 21lbs on the ice! From there the rest of the party joined in securing their limit of stripers ranging in size of 10-17lbs until trips end.

The striped bass are here folks and it's time to FISH! I have a few spots still available for this week for both open and private charters for those who would like to get in on the action! We are mixing it up between jigging and trolling.

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul


Saturday, 07 April 2012

Thursday open boat started off slow working the back bay so the up the beach we went looking for some drag screaming ,rod bending fun and boy did we find it!

Regular Shawn Hawthorne [ aka The Mighty Thorne] was joined by newcomers Howard Houghes, Jim Zarazaca and Gino . The M ighty Thorne first to come tight with a nice bass that proceeded burning of 20yrds of line before pulling the hook. Again Shawn came tight to another bass and again the hook pulled , checking the hook point and condition revealed nothing so with that the unbridled teasing began! Lol.

Gino was next up coming tight on a nice striper ending the battle with that one hitting the ice. Again , Gino came thight with another bass that revealed a bit more shoulders and fight. Again putting another bass in the box making his limit in short order.

We continued with a few more hits and misses and continued to move and shift around until and a quick look around revealed a mass of gannets circuling high above the water and than almost in unison starting their Kamikaze dive bombing deep on herring and bunker bait schools that were under attack from stripers to 20lbs!

From than on it was absolutely nuts with bass chasing bait all around the boat and the guys doubled, tripled and quadrupleted up with fish on ! We ended the day with a full limit of bass to 20lbs !

The bass are here now folks so don't wait to book your trip! I do have a few dates left in April and will continue to run open boat specails for those who would like to join other enthusiastic anglers! As always please join us on Face Book to view photos and hopefully 'like us!
Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul
Sunday, 18 March 2012
The weather and fishing didn't meet my expectations as both suffered from the reality of cold ,foggy, breezy conditions.By Thursday the sunny mid sixty degree forecast found the reality of to be shrouded in thick bone chilling damp fog created by a cold easterly onshore wind . Anglers aboard still managed to pick away at a few fish before trips end to avoid a shut out but fish activity was way down from prior weeks. Although anglers continued to elicit hits through out the trip the bass seemed to lethargically short bite everything we threw at them .

The Luke Tarvin Party started the week toughing it out in breezy cold 47 degree foggy conditions managing only 1 small striper while missing a few hits before ending the day dreaming of a long hot shower and hot bowl of soup to regain body core temperature.

Next up was Herman Diaz joined by newcomers, son Mike and Nick Huminski to again face the same damp conditions to score only 2 small bass and winter flounder. The guys again found reluctant short strikes from both stripers and winter flounder.

New comers , Jim and Nolan Walls from Conneticut found similar action and condition to prior days. Releasing only a few winter flounder before ending their morning outing. Again experiencing hits but unable to come tight with many of the strikes.

Looking forward to and hoping for better weather and action this week!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Capt. Steve Purul

Sunday, 04 March 2012
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters is back at it and catching stripers! Within
hours of launching the Reel Fantasea for the season, anglers on board were
already enjoying light tackle action from striped bass and even a good
showing of catch and release [ until March 23rd season opens] winter flounder
as well! Although the stripers were all schoolie size we had a blast from
start to finish employing light tackle tactics

The first trip of the year stared seasoned veterans Jay Simmons, Ernie
Rosenberg and Shawn [ The "Thorn "] Hawthorn and myself looking to rid
ourselves of a severe case of cabin fever and get back out on the brine. I was
first to come tight to a striper but quickly ended after a quick run as the
hook pulled soon after wards. Shawn was up next officially catching and
releasing the first striped bass of the 2012 season. Ernie was not to out done
landed the next 2 in a row. "Bass Master" Jay was up next to land yet
another schoolie . The next fish I came tight with had some brawn as it made a
surprisingly long couple of runs before it had opened the hook gap releasing
itslf before any of us seen it [ isn't that the worst?] . The action
continued throughout the afternoon with both schoolie stripers and a
surprisingly robust winter flounder bite until we headed for the barn but not before
landing and releasing a total of 12 stripers and missing about the same!

With the Reel Fantasea already catching [and releasing] striped bass and
winter flounder it looks like we are off to a great start for the 2012
fishing season ! Remeber we will be offering both open boat and private
charters "March Madness" special pricing throughout the month for both striper
and or winter flounder combo trips. Call or email to reserve your date today!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas, 

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