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Monday, 05 December 2011

The mild weather continues hold both blues and striped bass along our coast for anglers looking to get in on the Fall action. . Although not the

"slam dunk fishing" that we have gotten use to, we still continued to get our limit [ + catch and release] on all trips for those anglers seeking some fresh holiday striper fillets. The mild weather that we have been enjoying is forecasted to remain intact for the next week or so and with water temps still in the ideal zone and tons of bait thickly spread over a wide area we coild see action into the New Year!

I will be offering a striped bass and blackfish combo strips trip for either open or private charter this Friday Dec 9th .

Sorry no photos this week as it looks like I will be asking Santa for a new camera due to "hitting the deck" one too many times of .

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul


Sunday, 13 November 2011
Despite Gale and small craft warnings along with dense fog anglers onboard the Reel Fantasea continued to enjoy limits [ all anglers on all trips] of stripers and some of the best Fall action found anywhere! Earlier in the week I got a chance to sneak away and get my favorite fishing partner, son Stephen jr [ 11yrs ] out for a limit of stripers to 24lbs on light spinning tackle and artificials . It was awsome to get a chance to get him in such great action and watch him have so much fun !

Next up was the Mike Hodgekiss Party who was met with a slack tide and dense fog which made for a slower start . As the conditions improved so did the "catching" ! Making our way safely out the inlet we were able to find stripers rolling on sandeels on the surface. The three man crew found themselves an easy limit of bass doubled and tripled up with stripers to 20lbs along with plenty of catch and release until trips end.

"Gamers", Andrew [ son] and Joe [ dad] Mc Gowan were greeted with a Gale Warning, . With the winds blowing from the NW to the offshore and stripers tight along the beach the guys found another easy limit of bass. As the wind continued to climb in velocity we retreated to the safety of the surf line to find some more great striper action within a few yards of the beach feeling only the wind on our clothes. The guys continued to slam the bass until trips end ! Note the pic showing surf anglers standing in the " sea smoke" = wind shearing the wave tops off and vaporizing the water into "smoke".

Jim Harbaugh was up next joined by sons Adam and Mike finding more awesome striper action with bass to 20lbs on artificials . The guys were fast into action under a vast bird play with gorging striped bass and blues on sandeels! As the morning progressed and a building strong SW wind reaching 25-30 mph we again were forced to retreat to the beach but not before limiting out with striped bass [ and catch and release] and big slammer blues making the mix as well before heading for the barn.

Regulars Jay Simmons, Ernie Rosenberg, Karl Steffan sr. and Karl jr were again faced with small craft warnings and stiff SW winds . The guys started the day a bit of a slower, finding the sea condition "sporty" and the fish spread out. As the morning progressed the winds stabilized and the fish went on the feed, subsequently finding themselves doubled, tripled and even quadrupled up for another easy limit of bass and catch and release . With a intensifying wind velocity we again were forced inshore to finish our day picking away at a few more striped bass and big blues before calling it a day!

I have this Thursday available for Open or Private charter for anyone interested in getting in on this awesome action!!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,
Capt. Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters

Love striper? Try this recipe -

** Striper Ceviche**- fish is "cooked " in lime juice [ no heat/stove/oven]

1lbs striper - red meat removed. cut in thin quaters size slices

1/2 green, red bell pepper

1/2 red onion

1 cup lime juice - approx 6

1-2 jalapeno

3 table spoons of olive oil

salt to taste

1/2 - 3/4 cup cilantro

1 avocado

mix fish, lime, peppers, onion, oil, salt,jalapeno,1/4 cup cilantro and marinate/ cook for 2 hours minumum- I do overnight.

Serve with chopped avocado and cilantro and tortilla chips- awesome !!!!!
Sunday, 06 November 2011
The week started with an Open boat featuring regular Joe Franke who was joined by Herman Diaz, Tony Martucci, and Kevin Rust who found a limit of stripers to 20+lbs catch and release before trips end!

Next up was the Tony Maffie party joined by the Comcast crew who found bass blitzing sand eels just outside the inlet . The guys enjoed themselves surrounded by stripers blowing sandeels out of the water within a few feet of the boat making for awsome visual excitement! The guys were doubled up with stripers until a building strong North East wind blew us back to the inlet but not until the guys had their limit of stripers!

The Phillip Smith party was up next with fast out of the gate action with stripers to 20+lbs and slammer blues! The crew were doubled and tripled up until arm weary before switching gears and ending the day while getting their limit of blackfish to 7lbs before trips end!

Hey a long winter is coming and the time is now to store some delicous some striper fillets into the freezer [ best comfort food around!] and great fishing memories to get you through until Spring I only have November 17th avaialble for either open or private charter for those who would like to experience some of the best action found anywhere! Remember to join us on Face Book to view photos hopefully "like us"!
Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lots of striper action on live bait and artificials! The action was non stop with stripers and only a few blues on light tackle!

Tuesday, 06 September 2011
This week we continued where we left off prior to the hurricane, mixing it up between a variety of species. Although the bays water quality and salinity has dropped significantly the light tackle action was a steady pick at mid week but continued to heat up as the week progressed. The striped bass bite that we have been able to connect with lately was non existent this week but we were able to connect with weakfish, king fish, bluefish, fluke, small seabass, mountains of tasty blowfish , porgies, sharks, robins, ravens ......... and even a juvenile lesser amber jack thrown into the mix.There really isn't a better time to introduce kids to fishing as not only will the variety hold their attention but the action is instant and non stop!

Once again the tropical conga line has formed [ hurricane season in September] and we will be fishing in every window of opportunity , these system can be a boon to the albie and bonito fanatics as they push clean offshore waters into the beach bringing all kinds of fantastic light tackle sight casting opportunities !

Remember to book your prime Fall fishing dates ! W e will be targeting Fall jigging for striped bass and blues , wreckfishing for seabass, blackfish , porgies, and also looking for another inshore bluefin tuna bite! ....... or a combination of any of the above.

Monday, 29 August 2011
What a wild and woolly week to live on the East coast. If earthquakes and hurricanes are your thing, this was the place to be! I hope everyone has made it through all the events this week with minimal ill effects. I just completed a quick assessment of Family, friends and property and thankfully everyone and everything is intact and we will be back up and running in a couple of days.

Although the mandatory state wide coastal evacuation lead to most of the trips being canceled we were able to complete a couple of very successful backbay/inlet trips with fantastic action and variety!

Anglers on board the Reel Fantasea enjoyed light tackle action with stripers [keeper to 29"] weakfish, bluefish, fluke, blowfish, kingfish, burrfish, small seabass, porgies, small sharks, sea robins and ravens, rays, skates... along with a few other species.

The trip of the week was the Jay Simmons party who scored 3 Barnegat Bay Grand Slams [striper, bluefsih, fluke, weakfish] on 1 trip!

Skillful "Reel Fantasea" Angler of the week goes to fishermen extraordinaire Jay Simmons who single handily scored 2 slams!

I'm looking forward to getting back to fishing this week and see "what the storm dragged in", as there is usually some southern speedsters [pelagics] that will show up closer inshore and could stay for sometime afterwards, if bait, water temp and water quality come together.

~ Capt. Steve Purul, Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters, 609-290-1217
Sunday, 21 August 2011
Another fun and entertaining week for the light tackle enthusiasts as the variety of species continues to keep the rods bending and anglers smiling and having a blast!. This week saw very good to excellent action with blues, fluke, schoolie stripers [ including a nice 31" keeper], weakfish, blowfish, kingfish, burrfish,eel, blackfish, porgies, triggerfish, cownosed rays.......... .
John Santonasta and son started the week with a "3hr special" mixing it up with 1-3lbs blues on light spinning tackle and a robust blowfish bite before trips end.
The Chris Simmons Party was up next mixing it up between blues, weakfish,burrfish, kingfish,sand perch, eel just to name a few before trips end.
The Mark Hanson party was out to enjoy some more solid light tackle action with blues, stripers , weakfish , porgies, kingfish and a "mad dog" blowfish bite that reminded me of how the blowfishing used to be.
The week ended on a high note for the Richard Thomas Party [ also sporting our new shirts] scoring not only 2 Barnegat Bay Grand Slams on 1 trip but scoring the most variety! The guys mixed it up with 13 different species including a 31" keeper striper before trips end!
Remember Fall "Reely" isn't that far away so call or email to book your Reel Fantasea Fishing Adventure Today ! and keep in touch with us on Face Book to view videos and photos!
Wishing everyone, fair winds and calm seas.
Until next week,
Capt. Steve Purul

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