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Sunday, 26 June 2011
Could it be? Has the "Fat Lady" sung ? On our Epic spring trophy striped bass run ? With warming ocean temps reaching the low seventies it look like most of the larger bass have continued their Northern Sojourn. Surely there is a few more cows for those patience and committed diehards but for the most part the main body of large striper bite seems to be North of our reach. With the bay and inlet still producing smaller stripers, bluefish and fluke for the light tackle enthusiasts and the wrecks finally showing signs of a substantial seabass bite and the inshore lumps and ridges producing a mix of bonito and bluefin tuna their is still plenty of rod bending opportunities for everyone!

After finishing up with Fridays a.m. trip [ about 11am] I looked westward and saw tall Cumulus clouds with deep bases and knew immediately my afternoon trip was going to be a "No Go" and stayed tied to the dock. So Glad I did!! Check out the Pics from Friend Capt. Jeff Evans [ water spout and white squall] as he proved my suspicions were correct!! I still have a few dates available in July for those wanting to mix it up between backbay/inlet or offshore or anything in between!


Saturday, 18 June 2011
When this week started with ocean water temps into the upper sixties , I was unsure where we would stand with this springs fantastic trophy striped bass season . Well it didn't take long to answer that question as it seems like the climbing water temps have only fanned the red hot bite !! Visual bunker sprays with marauding striped bass into the 40+lbs with full limits of stripers on all trips have got me rethinking" what I think I know".Add bluefish and thresher sharks into the mix and the action couldn't be any better!!

"Skilled Angler of the Week "has to go to Cy Collins as he boated 3 huge stripers before the rest of the crew even got started but as the day developed all hands were tight with big stripers to the upper 30lbs range all trip long scoring their limits of big stripers with doubles and triples until trips end!

On another trip we witnessed a big thresher shark in a full on feeding frenzy on the schools of bunker , wagging it's serpent like tail all the while. I personally fed a bunker chunk to that big thresher shark [ fish on!] until our 40lbs fluro carbon leader proved no match to it's razor sharp teeth .

This season continues to flat out amaze me with not only quanity but quality of huge stripers!

Thursday evenings stiff Southerly winds have dropped the water temps back down into the stripers comfort zone and with the vast amounts of bunker in our waters it's anybody guess as to how long can this epic season last!

I have 2 spots open for June 30th's open boat trip call or email for details.

Fact : Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters have caught more striped bass over 30lbs than bluefish this season !!

Hope everyone enjoys their Father's Day!
Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Sunday, 12 June 2011
Yet another week of fantastic trophy striped bass action? You Bet ! Still Kickin' Bass from the 30's to 42lbs mostly on live bunker with only a couple of bloopers, mostly due to missed opportunities [ fish hooked and burning line off the reel but lost inexplicably ] which hurt at the end of the day. Anglers on board the Reel Fantasea have continued to enjoy some of the best large striped bass action EVER in our local waters while snagging and dropping live bunker!

The skillful angler of the week goes to 13yr old Joe " The Wildman " Wild mann, grandson of Regular Joe Franke who bested huge striped bass from 36,40,42lbs all by himself [ hooked, fought and landed] ! With vast schools of bunker in our homewaters there's no telling how long this epic action can last!

Thursday June 16th has opened up for private or open boat availability for those interested in wanting to get in on this fantastic striped bass action !

Lastly , the backbay/inlet has plenty of action with bluefish in the 1-4lbs range , fluke , smaller striper to 15lbs and with weakfish making their way into the bay the possibility of a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam is a Reel possiblity for those interested in targeting that action!

As always remember to join us on Face Book for photos and video viewing.
Sunday, 05 June 2011

The trophy striped bass fishing continues to be without a doubt the best spring run of large stripers that I have ever seen in our home waters. Both live bunker and big wood poppers and swimmers have produced well for those onboard with the edge going to the live bunkers. The bay/inlet also continues to offer up action with smaller striped bass, bluefish, fluke and with a few weakfish rumors spreading around a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam isn't out of the question!

New comer and flyrodder from Washington D.C. John Nguyen was out earlier in the week dodging a quick moving thunderstorm . John was met with a robust Southerly breeze that made for challenging conditions for the longrod but found action with a nice 32" keeper striper, bluefish and blackfish [ throwback] while employing both spinning and conventional tackle before trips end.

Tom Synder from Delaware was back up for round 2 looking for more of last weeks fantastic striper action. Again Tom managed his limit of stripers + bonus fish on live bunker. Tom secured a 36lbs,33lbs and a 31lbs striper before trips end!

The Jim Rupeikis party was out in stiff 20-30 NNW winds in hopes of scoring with big stripers. Locating the bunker schools proved challenging but after a little effort we found a sizable school which looked promising. Unfortunetly the bass were not in feeding mode so it was back to working the inlet area for some breif bluefish action before calling it a night.

Regular Karl Steffan was join by Friend Kurt for another Full Throttle Striper bite. Karl was fast into the action within as little as 2-3 minutes of the start of the trip . Karl no sooner snagged a bunker and it was Game On from start to finish ! Both Karl and Kurt were tight into fish all day and at times were doubled up through out the morning with bass up to 40lbs on live bunker! The visual excitement scale/meter[ if there was one] was pegged as we watched complete schools of bunker errupting not only within view but actually right under our boat with huge bass in a full throttle feeding frenzy!!

Mike Skureki jr.was also out for round 2 of this epic striper bite joined by Dad, Mike sr who happens to have been voted volunteer of the year by Penna Fish and Game commision . Mike jr and Sr experienced some more "epic striper action" with huge stripers to 441/2 lbs [ biggest of the year so far ] on both live bunker and the big wood ! Both guys managed not only the "Best day of their fishing lives"but their biggest stripers ever!

Mike sr.'s huge 42lber was edge out by Mike jr 44 1/2lber within minutes of each other . Both guys were doubled up through out the trip until arm weary ! Taking home their limit with huge stripers from 441/2 to 30lbs

Don't forget to check us out on Face Book to view our photos and video. I have a couple of spots open for this Thursday evening 3-9pm for those interested in a chance to experience some of this world class striper action !!!

Best Regards,
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

With only a few blips on the radar this week's trophy striped bass fishing continues to offer solid fishing for those wanting to live line bunker or throw big swimming plugs and poppers!! Early week saw bunker schools thinned out to the point that snagging was a real challenge but by mid week the schools had regrouped and had big striped bass on the feed!

The Bucky Hayes Party started the week finding only a few schools thick enough to snag and drop . The bunker continued moving at warp speed all evening until a Severe Thunderstorm Threat sent us in early and running for cover.

The Scott Schirey Party was up next for much improved weather condition but found the bunker school still hard to snag and drop but back at the inlet the crew scored light tackle action from bluefish in the inlet area.

Regulars Jay Simmons and Ernie Rosenberg were joined by new comers Jeff Hayes and Bill Weller in thick fog catching striped bass from 20-30lbs on live bunker . Bass Master Jay Simmons limited out while both Jeff and Bill managed to land their biggest stripers ever !

Regular Joe Franke was out in one of the top striper bites of the week with stripers inhaling snag and drop bunker and large wooden poppers almost instantly! Joe was joined by Jay "Iron Man"Simmons [ doing a double feature] for an absolute Bass Slamboree! with big striped bass blowing schools of bunker out of the water all evening until the joining boat traffic killed the bite. But not before everyone onboard was worn and limited out +++ plenty of catch and release!!

Tom Synder from Delaware was up for a solid bite with trophy striped bass managing his limit + bonus tag with 24lbs,35lbs and 38lbs bass on live bunker before trips end!

Regular Karl Steffan was joined by Lou Manara and son Mark in hopes of the same action but found only large schools of bunker swimming happily along with no feeding striper activity. Back at the inlet the guys managed to mix it up between blues and a small striper before trips end.

New comer Fred Leahy was joined by son Ross [10 yrs] and friend Stephen Mc Caughlin [13yrs] for an early start to go 2 for 3 with striped bass from 24lbs to 32lbs before the heavy holiday boat traffic put the fish off the bite. The boys both Ross [ 10yrs - 24lbs bass] and Stephen [ 13yrs- 32lbs bass]

managed to out fish Dad on snag and drop bunker before trips end.

Be sure to check us out on Face Book and view our photos and video clip of bass busting bunker night !

Best Regards,
Sunday, 01 May 2011
This week the weather cooperated with us and so did the striped bass ! The calm waters of the bay continue to provide good to excellent action for those light tackle enthusists who's passion is shallow water popper and or surface plugs on light spinning tackle. The viscous visual surface strikes from striped bass are a flat out blast to witness !. The action has been enjoyed by both beginner and expert , making for a lot of fun for all onboard [ encluding me!]. Strangley , since last weeks first bluefish we have not landed another one , but no matter as the striped bass have provided enough action to keep everyone engaged. The striped bass have ranged in size from 25-34" testing the skills and endurance of our anglers. Clam chunking has also provided solid action from striped bass with drum spicing the catch for some. While the outside [ ocean] continues to be lagging in action due to the low water tempuratures, look for this to change almost overnight. For anyone interested in getting in on some great striped bass action I have 1 spot open for Thursday May 5th [8hrs] and 2 spots open for May 6th evening 4-9pm , All trips are limited to 4anglers total call or email fro details.

Remember to join us on Face book to view more photos
Thursday, 28 April 2011
The weather this week was a repeat of last week's wind ,rain and cooler temps but we did manage the first few bluefish and fluke of the year ! We also continued to catch stripers to 29" on a variety of baits and artificials . The progression of the fishing should really gain momentum with this weeks warmer temps forecasted for the 70's all week long ! I h ope everyone enjoys there Holiday Weekend!
Sunday, 17 April 2011
Early this week, warm temps and Southerly winds welcomed back some of the first laughing gulls and terns of the season which translates into this season is about to get underway! As the week progressed the weather pattern destabilized with multiple weather patterns bringing cold ,windy and rainy conditions along with a waxing lunar cycle a coastal flood warning was inevitable. The fishing suffered as a result but we did manage to mix it up with a pick of blackfsih and stripers.

Fortunately the calendar doesn't lie and neither does our returning seasonal gulls and with this weeks weather looking to become a little more seasonal I really looking forward to this weeks fishing as migrating stripers should join forces with our resident population and within 10 days or less I look for the first marauding schools of bluefish to blow the lid off of the action for some of the season's best topwater flats action!

As always don't forget to join us on face book. I still have a few dates for Junes Trophy striped bass for those looking for a possible fish of a lifetime !

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Sunday, 20 March 2011
With the weather on a warming trend and this weeks weather reaching the mid to upper seventies I couldn't resist but launch the Reel Fantasea and in doing so launching our 2011 fishing season. Within a few hours of hitting the water we were off on our first scouting trip of the year joined by regulars Joe Franke and Sean Castle to see what, if anything was going on. The results were very encouraging as we managed 5 stripers and missing a few in about 3 1/2 hours of fishing on ultra light spinning tackle. Multiple times we had 3-4 stripers "tailgating" our hooked fished right to the boat as well as seeing stripers following our presentations back to the boat as well. The stripers were 14-24" but caught on the ultra light tackle they were a great cure for cabin fever and "great welcome" back to everyone! We have a few spots open for those interested in this early season striper fishery, come join the fun! Remember to join us on Face book .

Best Regards,

Captain Steve Purul
Sunday, 12 December 2010
Wow, can it really be the end of another great fishing season already ? Well if the calendar wasn't enough of a hint the single degree temps this week have sure been the deciding factor . Skim ice has formed in the Marina and snow showers were present on our last trip, signaling the conclusion of the 2010 fishing season for Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters . What an exciting fishing season it has been beginning with an awesome striped bass bite on the bays shallow flats in early April employing a variety of artificials on light spinning tackle zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! As the month of April matured, the flats excitement gained even more momentum as big bluefish joined the party making for not only great light tackle action but some of the best visual strikes seen anywhere! Offshore showed the best signs of a possible rebounding cod fishery as we caught more cod this year than years past- [ let's keep our fingers crossed]. Blackfish also cooperated extremely well both inshore and offshore.

By early May trophy striped bass in upper 20-40lbs range made a surprisingly early showing while trolling Tony Maja's Spoons or live lining around schools of Northerly migrating bunker.

Early June seen a continued trophy striper bite including our seasons largest 49lber on live adult bunker . Wreck fishing added even more variety and kept the rods bending as quick as you could drop a bait to the bottom below ,frequently producing double headers of both species. The bays summer flounder population exploded this year with numbers not seen or ever experienced even by the most saltiest veterans , catches into the hundreds were common place but limits were a totally different story with the bulk of the fish ranging in size from 12-17 7/8". Even the elusive weakfish made it's presents known during most of August allowing anglers to score multiple Barnegat Bay Grand Slams [ striper,bluefish,fluke,weakfish ] through out most of the season. The back bays bottom species kept anglers both young and old entertained as the variety of species included blowfish,croakers,spot,snappers,fluke,weakfish,shark,burr fish, and even cobia, along with many more.

As our summer season wound down False Albies came blazing inshore for a short stay making for some more exciting site casting opportunities . Unfortunately their present was a brief one due to September tenacious weather pattern where we experienced coastal storm after coastal storm. As we turned the calendar page to October we started seeing some really exciting early fall action with limits of striped bass on a combination of artificials and live baits in the bay and inlet area. Wreck fishing also hit it's stride with seabass, blackfish and porgies rounding out the catches making for many an arm weary angler and many bags of delicious fillets. Weather continued to dictate what, when and how in November as we found ourselves having to fish around even smaller weather windows of opportunities , luckily we were still able to fish and catch our limits of striped bass in the bay when the elements aligned. The last couple of weeks [ December] has produced both limits of stripers and blackfish on some trips when the weather cooperated. As I type this the Reel Fantasea is high a dry and tucked away for her winter slumber, but only for a short while as we will be starting our 2011 season in March in hopes of a continued spring cod,blackfish and resident striped bass fishery. If you have a fun or exciting memory while fishing with Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters this season please share via email,facebook or website as I always enjoy any kind of feedback. Reel Fantasea on board tournament results are as follows-

Striper - 49lbs 51" Jay Simmons

Bluefish- 16lbs- Joe Franke

Fluke- 5lbs- Sean Castle

Weakfish 16" - Jay Simmons

Remember all who fish aboard are automatically eligible and winners to receive their choice of - 1] free open boat. 2] 1/2 off 5hrs back bay.Also keep in mind that we are already starting to reserve dates for the 2011 fishing season. L ast minute Holiday Shoppers can purchase Gift Certificates via email,phone,facebook, in any amount for your" hard to buy for angler " and have it by the holidays . In closing it continues to be my passion to share,learn,experience and enjoy each and every fishing adventure with all who have fished with me this year. I wish that you may have not only enjoyed but learned something new on your adventure as I continue to be a student as well. My sincere Thank YOU! and hope to see everyone again next year!

Best Wishes to You and Yours for a Happy Healthy Holiday Season!

Capt. Steve Purul and Family

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