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Sunday, 31 October 2010
Warm temperatures,wind and a good dose of rain by mid week seemed to conspire on the fishing action this week . The water color, salinity and quality turned a steel grey with suspended sediment , seemingly putting the fish off the bite. Although we did catch a few bass , the action was anything but typical for this time of year.

Regular Joe Franke was out for the prettiest day of the week weather wise but found the fish with a severe case of lock jaw. Moving from spot to spot provided not much more than a futile boat ride as we were slapped with the cold hard hand of this year's 2nd S-k-u-n-k ! Ouch ! I still feel the sting!

Regular Jay Simmons joined by business associates were greeted with hard NW winds to 30kts and a 20 degree air temperature drop still finding the fishing sparse at best. Frustratingly we watched schools of bass pass under the boat uninterested in everything sent down to them. Finally the fish turned on for a very small window of time allowing for us to boat 5 bass to 33" and missing about the same amount before heading for the barn.With present and forecasted temperatures on a cooling trend I anticipate the action to explode [ if it hasn't already] this week!

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul


Monday, 18 October 2010
Another great week of Fall fishing with more and more blitzing striped bass , big slammer blues and false albies joining the party . And with drop and reel action with porgies, seabass [ catch and release till November 1st], tog, and trigger fish the rods continued to bend non stop.

Hard North West winds to 40+mph served us well as it has lit the fuse to the power keg igniting our fantastic Fall fishing! Trolling Tony Maja Bunker Spoons served up constant action with stripers to 20-30lbs and huge gator bluefish on the troll. Looking for and fishing bird activity led the way to "run and gun" style albie fishing .

For those not familiar with our Fall season's prevailing North West winds, this wind directions serves us in two ways. The first thing is that it seems to get the game fish in a reved up feeding mode and second , it can blow a Gale and still be very fishable tight along our beaches as it blows the waves flat as a lake.
With the action as good as it is right now, November will surely be one for the books !

I still have a few dates in November so come on and join the fun! I have November 4 and 7th available for Open or private charter .

Best Regards,

Capt. Steve Purul
Monday, 11 October 2010
The only thing to say about this week is WOW ! Last weeks weather has dropped the back bay waters temps more to the stripers liking and they have responded accordingly . The striped bass are jammed packed with all kinds of bait from our back bays and will to be joined by more and more migrating bass as the Fall progresses. When boat traffic was light all trips limited out with nice striped bass to 32" and when the wind let up enough for us to mix in wreck fishing the rods never stopped bending !

Open Boat trip for Sean Castle, Tom Wilson, Herman Diaz and new comer Tony Maruuci started in stiff NW winds and dirty water, the 30kts winds kept us along the beach . After a bit of a slow start the guys ended the day with a hot striper bite with double and triple headers of stripers ,and finishing with a full limit of stripers+++ throwbacks .

The next day the weather let up so we could get offshore for regulars Jay Simmons and Ernie Rosenberg for a slam fest of seabass , porgy, striper [ limit +++] , bluefish , weakfish and croakers. We ended the week with the Joe Lesando party with more fantastic wreck fishing action with seabass,porgies,blackfish and trigger fish.

I have 3 spots available for this Thursday [October 14 ] for a planned combo inlet/wreck/ocean trip for those who would like to join in on the fun and October 15th for Open or Private charter as well.

Remember to join us on Face book [ Reel Fantasea Charters] to view our weekly photos and become a fan. I also have a few choice dates left for the Fall striped bass/bluefish/wreck fishing season , be sure to reserve today and become the fishing report !
Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Monday, 20 September 2010
This week we had to fish the weather windows due to approaching fronts and tropical systems but when we did ,we found action with blues, false albies, schoolie stripers, blow fish , and other bottom species.

The abundant inshore false albacore action has been one of the best I have seen in years . What these fish lack in table fare they more than make up for it in blistering drag scorching runs and some of the best and exciting sight casting found anywhere. These little dragsters have enormous amounts of power, endurance and speed making for some of the best inshore species to target this time of year and with loads of bluefish, and even quit a few schoolie stripers making the mix ,the action has been exciting. If you never caught a False Albie these normally offshore species are now literally within a stones throw from the beach !

Our Fall season is under way and the action is red hot don't miss out on some the best action found anywhere ! Remember for those who love to fish but friends/family don't, we offer Open Boat trips that get you in on the action with other enthusiastic anglers who share in your same passion come join the fun , both expert and novice welcome ! Our first "Friday Night at the Fights" Open Boat trip had regulars Jay Simmons and Karl Staffan Sr and Jr mixing it up between albies and loads of blues . The blues were chasing and gorging on vast amounts and variety of bait fish which included spearing peanut bunker, mullet, blowfish, spot, and even tropical look downs [ picture in file]

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Monday, 13 September 2010
The False albacore have made their present known BIG TIME ! This week we started seeing inshore albies within a stones throw from the beach all the way out to the Ridges and lumps. False albacore could be one of the fastest and most amazingly power fish that swims and taken on light spinning and conventional tackle they are one of my most favorite gamefish ! If singing drags and long runs are your passion than now is the time to GO! And with stripers , blues, seabass, blackfish , blowfish, king fish , spot, croakers, weakfish making the mix an Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters with be looking for this years first Atlantic Grand Slam on all trips [ albie or bonito, striper, bluefish , weakfish]! The weather has been cooperating and so has the fish so join in on the Fun !
Friday, 30 July 2010
Prolonged Southerly winds has taken it's toll on inshore ocean temps creating cooler bottom temperature to up well along the beaches and inlet which has played well for a nice spike in striped bass and blackfish activity, while the back bay continues to offer non -stop action with fluke but with few keepers to put on ice.

We continue rely on seabass fishing to put some meat in the cooler. Dave Davis from Lancaster PA joined by son Troy were out for some drop and reel seabass action nearly filling 2/3 of 120qrt cooler with tasty seabass before trips end. Andy Pemerick and son Hunter along with Chris Weed and son Brandon had steady action through out the morning with short fluke, unfortunately unable to throw any keepers in the cooler before trips end .

Regular Joe Franke scored 2 sporty stripers on light spinning tackle before turning our attention to get our limit of blackfish . With our limit of black fish Joe picked a keeper fluke out of all the throw backs before a thunder storm sent us running for cover.

The Chris Simmons Party joined by sons Jack and KC and Uncle and regular Jay Simmons were out ducking in between thunderstorms for a slow start in the back bay only scoring a porcupine puffer and a power house cow nosed ray before heading over to the inlet to score nice action with striped bass to 29". Jay was his usual mistro wielding his fishing rod in a well orchestrated technique taking bass master as per usual !. The next morning the guys were back out for round 2 for a mix of fluke, blackfish , blow fish, king fish, porcupine puffers, and even our first weakfish of the year !

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul


Monday, 19 July 2010
This week we changed things up a bit heading out to the Barnegat Ridges for some high speed trolling in hopes to find some pelagics but also to escape the persistent heat wave inshore. The results were disappointing at best as we only managed small 1-2lbs and some frigate mackerel for our efforts, look for this to change anyday !

Wreck fishing continue to offer great action with seabass,blackfish and even a few ling making the mix while the backbay and inlet continues to offer schoolie stripers, blues and loads of short fluke, [ patience is definitely in order to put a few in the box] We have been cast netting live baits before each trip [ mullet and bunker ] in hopes to coaxe only the largest of "flat fish" , well be careful what you ask for. Large leviathans in the way of huge cow nosed rays have been testing both tackle and anglers on the live baits - they have been straightening and breaking hooks right off our 50lbs braid [ these fish are powerful !] !

Just a reminder for those interested in joining us on Face Book @ Reel Fantasea Charters and view some of our video and pics of the week . I would also like to mention that anyone chartering with us does not require any New Jersey fishing registry [ although its not a bad idea to register] as we cover angler onboard.

I have a couple of spots open for this Friday Open boat for those looking to mix it up in the backbay and inlet area or possible wreck/backba/inlet combo trip . In this heat it would seem crazy to even think about our Fantastic Fall fishing but we are booking up fast this season for those interested in some of the best action anywhere with stripers, blues, seabass and blackfish.

Don't miss ,out reserve your date today !

Best Regards
Captain Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters
Saturday, 10 July 2010
Great action and catches of seabass continue to entertain and fill the cooler for our wreck charters , while the backbay is giving up steady action with blues , schoolie stripers, black fish and non stop short fluke action . Regular Joe Franke was joined by son in law Ron and grandsons Joe and Jacob for solid seabass fishing . The guys were double,tripled and quadrupled up with seabass throughout the morning and within a few hours they had plenty of seabass in the cooler set for dinner and freezer.

With a large school of panicky bunker nearby we pulled the anchor to snag a few bunker hoping to tie into some of the shark fishing we had experienced last year at this time . After no run offs on our live bunker we ended the day with Ron and his boys Joe and Jacob tag teaming and landing a couple of schoolie stripers before trips end. Regular Jay Simmons was fast out of the gate with 1st cast =1 bass under some bird play just outside the inlet , from there Jay mixed in blues and blackfish and even loosing what appeared to be an East bound freight train before the line parted ended an epic battle . Moving to the backbay we experienced non stop fluke action using Gulp and spearing baits.Keepers were hard to come by but the bay bottom seems to be COVERED with fluke ! I have July 23, 29 for private or open boat charter for backbay/inlet, wreck or midshore high speed trolling on our inshore ridges and lumps or a combination of any of the above.

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Sunday, 27 June 2010
This week was a mixed bag of ocean striper, bay/inlet and wreck fishing with our best success coming from limits of cooperative and delicious seabass!

The Drew [ last name unknown] party was out from Colorado to start the week working around the back bay and inlet area for a mix of 2-4lbs blues, schoolie stripers, a nice 23" fluke and black fish [ out of season throw back ]. With weakfish being almost non-existant this may be the new "Barnegat Bay Grand Slam" .

Regular Joe Franke was joined by friend Ed in hopes of getting in on some of the big striper action but only found school after school of bunker with no one willing to play, some schools showed promise of agitation [ nervous bait ] but we had no run offs even though the guys put in a solid effort so it was back to the bay to fish for fluke before heading in. Regular Jay Simmons had the best action of the week with "Drop and Reel " wreck fishing for seabass.

Jay Managed his limit of seabass to 4lbs and with me joining in on the action we both tallied up a nice catch and bags of snow white delicious fillets. I have next Thursday and Friday [ July 1 and 2nd] open for private and or open boat availability , if "open boat' we will be mixing it up between wreck fishing and bay/inlet - the limit is 4 anglers max so call or email to reserve as soon as possible.

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Saturday, 19 June 2010
Fresh out of dry dock for maintenance and repairs we hit the ground running this week welcoming the crew along with hosts from "Down The Shore " Amanda and Emily. The Down The Shore Host were featuring Barnegat Light this week and Reel Fantasea Fishing Charters was fortunate enough to be picked as the featured charter boat of Barnegat Light and Barnegat Bay area . " .

It was a real honor to be the featured charter boat in our area and for those interested the webshow will be will air Thursday June 24th on on the "Down The Shore" segment . The Wayne Pollock Party was out in hopes to find some Trophy striped bass action , although we had to do some searching we finally found some feeding stripers on bunker schools to our North . After a few "Swing and a Miss" Wayne connected with a freight train and the B attle Royale was on which began to dump 400 yards of 40lbs braid !! Unfortunetly just as Wayne started to put some of the line back on the spool the hook pulled ending the fight early [ ouch, t hat really hurt !!] Finally the guys were able to sink the steel home and stayed fast to put a nice 30lbs bass in the box before trips end

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