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Friday afternoon saw some of the best light tackle action for big bluefish that I have ever seen! All afternoon we were doubled, tripled and quaded up with drag burning big healthy bluefish while employing artificial baits, all strikes were very visible as multiple bluefish competed on almost every cast!

From there we ended the day tripling up on our first drift with striped bass and missing a few more on the next consecutive drifts!

Right now is the time for some of the best light tackle action found anywhere! One (1) more angler's spot remains open for tomorrow's (Sunday April 26th) 5-hr bay/inlet 7am -12pm trip. Cost is $120.00 pp, all bait and tackle and fish cleaning is is included. Call only to reserve as I won't be near a computer.


Looks like the season continues to pick up momentum with a mix of encouraging signs. Firstly the first blue claws albeit undersize have found their way into my crab pots which were a welcoming sight before being returned back to the bay to do a lil' more molting.

As of today the first [that I have seen] laughing gulls have rode the warming Southerlies in today announcing their arrival with that wonder whimsical call.

Bunker are showing up in the back bay in thick schools all up and down the island. It won't be long before we're into the thick of things with the snag and drop [fingers crossed].

Lastly and most importantly the sonar continues to improve [and prove] it's promising "signs of life" which have been validated by continued improving action with only 1 exception this week. The slowest day was yesterday where we were only able to score 2 stripers before trips end.

We will be fishing this Friday for back bay light tackle stripers for the light tackle enthusiasts who would like to jump aboard for an afternoon of fun. New comers and veterans welcome.
Friday 4-8pm, all bait are tackle included.


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