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Sunday, 19 October 2008
Tough weather week with strong North- North East winds along with the waning of the Moon made for extreme currents and sloppy conditions . Regular Joe Franke was out for the best of the weather and fishing conditions where he landed 4 stripers and missed what appeared to be the best fish of the day when it came unbuttoned. The next day regulars Wayne Salvi, Sean Castle and Mike Weber teamed up for what was supposed to be an open striper/bluefish/wreck trip but the ocean started to get caught up to the stiff North wind creating a higher than forcasted sea condition . We managed only a short striper along with a few bit off spots and one nice throw back fluke . The strange thing was you could see large blues swimming in the waves as they were lifted into the air creating a " window pane " effect , but they were just not very cooperative. Not to worry ! The weather we are experiencing should actually kick start the Fall fishing as things calm down beginning early next week .
I have 2 spots open [ 1 committed ] for this Thursday Oct 23rd- The trip will be the last open boat of the year as the rest of the calender is booked . We will be targeting stripers/blues/and wreckf ishing .
Sunday, 12 October 2008
This weeks striper bite was more tempered , but big mean and nasty bluefish in the 8-15lbs range filled the gaps as did the red hot sea bass bite !! Huge schools of adult bunker being harassed by blues have moved in making for some exciting " snag and drop " type fishing .

Sean Castle teamed up with Bucky Hayes for a backbay/inlet open boat trip . We got off to a slow start landing just a few bluefish , To add insult to injury what appeared to be a " Slam Dunk " bird play blitze just East of the inlet found only 4-8" snappers feeding on bay anchovies. Back at the inlet area Bucky got things started with a short 27" striper on live spot , after a few more bite offs and 1-2 bluefish the large bunker moved in with HUGE blues slicing threw them! The guys ended the day in overtime fighting the big blues !!

Regular Jay Simmons along with Jerry Kronemeyer of Seashore foods teamed up for a near limit of nice seabass and also porgies spicing the mix. Double header seabass were common thru out the trip making for " Drop and Reel " style fishing ! As a school of big blues took up residence over the wreck it turn the fishing into " Drop and Reel REALLY FAST "! style fishing as the blues would either cut thru the seabass or as you reeled up your seabass it would turn into a bluefish [ lol ] . As we made our way back to the inlet we ran into more bunker schools but found no blues on them [ I think because they were full of some of our seabass ] . Jay the " Bass Master " did manage a striper back at the inlet before ending the day. Sunday Bloody Sunday !!! -The Ted Artmen party was out to experince a Full Foamer Blitze!!! Big blues were on top or completely out of the water for most of the morning if not the whole day feasting on every thing that moved !! The boat was covered in blood and slim thru out the trip . After getting therir fill of the blues we ended the morning at the inlet catching a mix of blackfish, porgies, bergals and short stripers.

I have this Friday Oct 17 [ just opened ]available for a wreck and striper/bluefish combo trip . There is room for 2 more anglers- and October 23, these are the last two dates left in the 2008 season. Anyone interested in open or private charter call asap.
Monday, 29 September 2008
I just couldn't leave well enough alone, I was back at it tonight with the same exact results !!!
At first it was a subtle bite on BKD's and live spot but as darkness fell the bass bit BIG TIME !!
Most of the stripers were above the 28" keeper size with some as big as 32" and Man o"Man were they full of fight !! Especially on the light spinning tackle ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!! The bass had the bait balled up tight to the
surface as striper after striper went airborne after the helpless bait fish . Oh tell me this is just the start of our phenominal season !! I even kept two for the table myself mmmmm mmmmmm good !!!! FYI - I had the camera tonight !!!
Sunday, 28 September 2008
With stiff NE winds to 40kts along with heavy rains forecasted , I spent most of the week preparing , tweaking, and getting ready for our fabulous Fall season !! The rods are ready, the tackle is ready and the live bait pens are full of striper candy a.k.a = live spot . By Sunday it was time to do a little solo scouting around and see what was going on in the bay and inlet areas , the water has cleared up since earlier in the week , there is bait everywhere  and the inlet had experienced it first all out striped bass bonanza !! There were visible striped bass all over schools of bait in the still rough water , but it was fish on with almost every cast !! This is just a sample of things to come !!

I have only a few remaining dates for the fall season -
October- 17,23,19,26 ,Nov-2,16 .Dec-7,14 .Call or email to reserve a date for some of the years best action . 609-290-1217

Best Regards,
Capt. Steve Purul
Reel Fantasea Charters
Monday, 28 July 2008
This week we started seeing our first significant waves of beautiful weakfish
to 24" inches and with bluefish and fluke readily available and stripers to
27 " from time to time, a Barnegat Bay Grand Slam is just around the corner !!!
Thursdays trip was canceled due to weather and with heavy rain with frequent
lightening forecasted we just couldn't take that chance it . Friday mornings
trip with beautiful weather and Larry Anthonssen along with grandchildren
Patrick [ 8] and Daniel Hogan [10] were out for a slamfest with blues from 1-4
lbs all on light spinning tackle and BKD's ! Regular Chris Spring had first
timer fisherman and nephew Patrick out for his first fishing trip ever , we
managed only a few bluefish in the 1-2 lbs range before the nights end, but
Patrick got his first taste of light tackle bluefishing !. The Ken Reed Party was out for the best weakfishing so fa r this year with all nice
trout to 24" hitting BKD"s and shrimp. The guys had a blast with constant
action with weakfish and blues on light spinning tackle in the back bay !!
Wednesday, 23 July 2008
This weeks Trophy Striped Bass just couldn't have been any better ! We landed our first 52lber !! Along with a few forties, and plenty of thirties and twenties !!! Although we had to travel North to find the fish, but once there it was total chaos !! As we approached what appeared to be acres and acres of bunker under attack from bass of all sizes, the sights and sounds were electrifying with bass from 20 -40 lbs free jumping and bunker fleeing from certain doom ! Regular Joe Franke teamed up with first timer Tom Breeland for an absolute slam fest with big stripers hitting as aggressively as a bluefish frenzy ! It was " drop and reel " type fishing with huge STRIPERS !! Tom landed his and Reel Fantasea Charters first ever 52lber !! Joe landed his biggest stripers in the 20 and 30 lbs class as well . We actually left the bite still going ! New comer Mark Fry along with sons Brenden and Shamus and brother De nise and his w ife Linda were out the next day for some more of the insane action ! Mark was first on the board with his first ever 40+lb striper , from there on the whole boat was doubled , tripled and even quadrupled up at time with huge stripers and releasing all but 4 fish , even returning a beautiful 40+ lb fish to fight again another day ! Friday nights trip was met with a nasty thunder storm that ended the trip for Phil Engel and sons before it got started, 60+ mph winds, driving rain , hail and vivid cloud to ground lighting were encountered minutes after we were safely back at the dock . Another blown weather forecast changed regulars John Repko ,Tom Wilson and son Alan's trophy striper plans to a backbay as the forecast was for "small craft advisory " sea 4-6 ft Sw 20 -25kts ,{ the weather turned out to be a glorious day with light and variable winds} . The guys had a steady pick of fluke , along with sea robins , blues, and skates the best action came on the out going tide as the incoming was a chilly 57 degrees with the outgoing tide being
almost a whole 20 degrees warmer.

Best Regards,

Captain Steve Purul
Friday, 18 July 2008

Barnegat Inshore Bass Fishing


This weeks action remained very dependable for bluefish , fluke, and a more weakfish starting to show along with sea robins just about everywhere you go .

The fluke keeper ratio is low but the action is constant . Most of the action has been while jigging Bass Kandy Delights and or various " Gulp " on bucktails in the back bay. What makes this fishing so much fun is the bays very clear waters coupled with reliable action with various species of fish , you just never know what will be reeled in next! The blues have been very consistent
under some birds activity with weakfish spicing the mix .If the birds aren't present as was the fact on Sunday's foggy conditions you can still find the blues rolling on top of shallow 2-4ft bay flatts making for some fun and visualexcitement ! I have one open boat spot available this Thursday for anyone interested call asap 609-290-1217 . I know it may sound early but, I have been taking reservations for out phenomenal Fall Fishing and the book is filling up at a faster rate than ever before ! Anyone interested may want to think about checking their calender to reserve their date now . By the by this year's crabbing is simply AMAZING! If your someone who loves crabbing and even better loves to eatcrabs,It just doesn't get any better than this !

Best Regards,
Captain Steve Purul


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