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Thursday, 14 March 2013
"Steve, Thank you for helping make the Forked River Tuna Club seminar a success. Your knowledge and presentation really came across great. I hope you enjoyed being there as much as I enjoyed having you at the club".

Paul Lenzo
Forked River Tuna Club
"Hey Steve, Thanks again for doing the seminar with Tony. We had a little less turn out then last year but over it was good. The guys I talked too said you were great and they learned a lot"
Dan Tholan
Forked River Tuna Club - member
Monday, 11 March 2013

With Old Man Winter exhaling (hopefully), his last breath this week (yes, I know I am in denial). I found myself putting the final touches on the Reel Fantasea rolling around in an all day snow fall . Hopes were high to have her ready for her 2013 season launch for Sunday's (March 10) first "March Madness" trip, and ready we were, but even more ready was the cooperative resident schoolie striper population!

Sunday's season opener featured an all star cast of regulars headed up by Joe Franke, The Simmons's brothers, Jay a.k.a, " The Bass Master" , Chris Simmons, son KC, and last but certainly not least Karl Steffan, a.k.a "The Maestro". Karl also took "Hot Rod" honors as he single handed released 28 stripers in just 4 hours!

The Reel Fantasea's bottom paint was hardly even wet before we were netting our first schoolie striper of the year! From there the guys were doubled up and continued to tally 80+ schoolie stripers in 4 hours! Every drift the guys connected with 3-6 stripers on light spinning tackle !!! This is without question our best season opener ever! Although we didn't land any fish close to the 28" minimum size, even this salty veteran crew had a blast with the hot action.

This light tackle action is strictly for those looking to rid themselves of cabin fever and kick off the 2013 fishing season with some very consistent schoolie striper action! Come on and join the fun on a Open or Private Charter for "March Madness" . I have Thursday and Friday available for either private or open boat this week 7am - 11am and 2:30pm and 6:30pm.

Prime Dates remain for both Spring backbay/inlet and Live Bunker Trophy Striper fishing .

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul
Tuesday, 26 February 2013

With March 1st just a few days away and Spring just right around the corner, it's time to get beck what I love to do most FISH! This Winter has not been the mild Winter of last with temperatures in the annoying range most of the time [mid to upper 30's] too warm to snow and too cold to get anything done on the Reel Fantasea [maintenance, wax or paint]. As the sun claws it's way back into our Northern hemisphere, surely a warming trend can only be around the next bend. Although I am shooting for a launch date for March 1st the weather trend does not look conducive to be ready until the following week. We will be targeting those resident schoolie stripers that have wintered over in our area, this is strictly a light tackle event as most fish will range in the 22-26" in size but a great way to get back on the brine and rid yourself of the dreaded cabin fever. Keepers are always a possibility!

March Madness - Again this year I will be running a March Madness Special for these resident stripers - Last years we had solid action with double digit striper catches along with winter flounder , and even a few stray bluefish and speckled trout to round out the action [ yes in March!]

This year I am excited to add the latest in fish finding electronic technology to the Reel Fantasea in the way of Lowrance's Gen2 Structure Scan and completely revamping our conventional tackle to Penn's new Squall reels and Legion rods! Both are sure to enhance your fishing experience aboard the Reel Fantasea!

Don't forget to reserve your exciting light tackle Spring topwater striper and bluefish bay trips or go for that striper of a lifetime with our Spring Ocean Bunker Snagging Trophy Striper trips! Better yet go for them both and don't miss out on the action!

Wishing everyone fair winds and calm seas,

Capt. Steve Purul

Friday, 21 December 2012

Is it that time of year already? Seems as though with each passing year I find myself seemingly launching the season each March 1st and the next thing you know its Holiday Season . T ime flyes when you are having too much fun and with that being said I want to Thank one and all who have fished with me this year. I continue to find myself extremely blessed being able to experience so many friendly, interesting and passionate fishing companions on each fishing adventure! THANK YOU ALL!!

Report - Stripers are still here and in good numbers! [ Dec 20th] Y esterday we started looking NE of Barnegat Inlet and found them in about 35-45ft just to our North. There were no diving birds, no crowds just solid readings of stripers that pounded the right presentation and of course live spot! Every drift found multiple hook ups of various size fish from shorts to mid/upper teens. I even got a rare chance to fish all day myself and ended the day with a sore wrist and arm from landing over 25 stripers , 3 of which were keepers!          

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!
Capt. Steve Purul

Monday, 10 December 2012

A building North East breeze greeted the Jeff Hayes Party on Sunday , add a cold rain that was on and off through the morning and you had the makings for some undesirable conditions at best. First stop was to the togging grounds as the wind was forecast to increase as the day wore on. Once settled on the wreck the guys found it challenging to hold bottom or detect any bites [ both of which are critical to successful blackfish] .

With a building wind and sea state we made the decision to head back closer to the beach and look for some striper activity toward the inlet. Once their the guys had non stop action with schoolie striped bass right out of the gate! Singles and doubles and even a triple was the rule on every drift with the bass responding well to both atrificials and live bait. A small bird play was noticed just to the North so off we went to investigate , Jeff was first to come tight with yet another schoolie which was quickly released , from there Jeff maneged 1 striper before heading for the barn. The stripers gave the guys only smiles and sore arms to go home with, but the smiles on their faces all day said it all!

I have this Thursday 13th and Friday 14th available for either open or private charter, Tog , striper of both!
Tuesday, 23 October 2012
The wind/weather continues to dictate the where and what anglers aboard the "Reel Fantasea" can target but considering the amount of schoolie striped bass around in the bay/inlet area the light tackle action continues to entertain both novice and veteran anglers. Keepers were hard to come by but when the optimal tidal stage was reached the action was very consistent.

The Wit Hayes party started their day "proving their salt" in a rougher than desired inlet which turned the water a turbid steel gray. Moving from spot to spot found more dirty water with a hard running current carrying heavy amounts of sea cabbage that fouled rigs almost instantly upon being deployed. The guys persevered and patience won the day and as conditions improved so did the striped bass action including multiple "doubled up" in striped bass scenarios before trips end!

New comer Robert Schuman was out to start his day in more favorable conditions and to find the bass more cooperative right out of the gate. Within seconds of "lines in" Rob was fast into his first striped bass of the day, from there Rob was "in a zone" scoring a striped bass on almost every consecutive drift before the action tapered off due tidal stage.

The dinner table is set with vast amounts of bait along our beaches ready to provide forage for Southerly migrating striped bass and blues and with water temps dropping into the ideal zone it's only a matter time now. The lunar stages should help us by weeks end. Don't miss out on another memorable Fall fishing season! Open or private charter for October 26th for stripers/blues/blackfish/porgies/trigger....? Whatever your desire, I can customize the day to best fit your needs.


Sunday, 14 October 2012
The Fall fishing continues to pick up momentum with not only solid wreck fishing but a noticeable up tick in striped bass activity on both live and artificial baits. Although the weather this week [in the way of wind ] has kept us tighter to the beach than I would have liked, anglers aboard the "Reel Fantasea" scored very well with a mix of keeper slab size porgies, big trigger fish, sea bass, tog, bluefish and keeper striped bass!

Jay Johnson was out from Ohio for fast out of the gate action having a blast nailing 6 striped bass and a number of blues on light spinning tackle while employing a variety of artificial lures within the confines of the bay and just minutes of leaving the dock! From there we headed off the beach to find a good pull on a mix of big triggerfish, sea bass, big porgies, and blues before heading back to the inlet. Back in the inlet Jay managed 1 more striped bass and a few more blues bringing his total of striped bass caught and released to 7 in just under a couple of hours!

Friday's Open boat had regulars Jay Simmons, Shawn Hawthorne, Sean Castle, and Bill Crouch fast into action to find feeding fish working over bait on a sand flat in the inlet area. The guys didn't waste anytime getting the reel's drag singing that lovely tone of "zzzzzzzzzz' with fat bluefish strumming the note! The 2-4lbs blues were gorging themselves on bait all around the boat with fish and bait swirling within feet of us . From there we moved quickly offshore to avoid conflicting with the "small craft warning" forecasted for later that day. Once on anchor the guys managed a nice mix of sea bass, trigger fish, and porgies to add to the cooler before the wind blew us back to the inlet. On our first drift we found ourselves doubled up with striped bass with Shawn H's making the cooler while Sean C's bass was released to fight another day. From there the guys continued to connect with stripers on almost every drift . Jay "Bass Master " Simmons capitalized to put the last keeper in the box before calling it a day.

I have both time slots available for this Thursday and Friday for Open Boat or Private charter for a.m.[6-12p m] and p.m.[2:00p.m. -7:00 pm] for anyone who would like to join our early Fall fun!! Cost is $150.00 pp for open boat.
Sunday, 07 October 2012


I spent this week splitting my time on the water between topping off the live bait pens [ live spot] for both resident and migrating striped bass and wreckfishing . Presently our local wrecks are jammed packed full of some of the tastiest fish around with species such as seabass , porgies , blackfish , trigger fish and add various other species, the rods never stopped bending! Double headers of all species in different combinations have been the norm as of late with both keepers and shorts for the savvy angler. With a good percentage of keeper to throw back ration "it's freezer filling time" for those who like both tons of action and fresh white fish fillets to stock up on for the winter.

The back bays are absolutely chocked full of bait and with this weeks predicted colder weather already a reality, it is likely to amp up the Fall action even more in the way of striped bass activity! For those looking for species with a little more torque to their tails, teens sized bluefish and even a few early arriving [or resident stripers ] have been harassing the abundant schools of bunker along our beaches.

I have a few spot available for this Friday's open boat inlet/wreck/ocean trip. We will be targeting striped bass, bluefish, albies , seabass , blackfish , porgies, trigger and more depending on opportunities presented to us! The trip will be an 8hr [ 7am -2pm] multi-species excursion with a cost of $150.00 pp with all rods, bait [ including 4 live spots per angler] and tackle and fish cleaning included. Come on and join in on the action and meet new fishing friends.

Monday, 01 October 2012

As the first few days of our Fall season has been ushered in by the numerical days in the month and the waning daylight , the first hints of the fall migration have started to appear in the way of "drop and reel " seabass fishing and huge 15lbs class slammer blues starting to take up residence along our beaches! The bay also continues to offer plenty of solid light tackle action with weakfish and a host of about a dozen other characters such as blowfish, perch, shad, seabass, spot, shark, searobin.........

Friday evening Open boat trip had an All Star Cast with regulars Jay Simmons, Karl Steffan sr. and jr. and Shawn "The Mighty Thorne" Hawthorne mixing it up with multiple species including weakfish to 3lbs . From back bay we moved up to the inlet to find a full throttle bluefish bite ! The guys were constantly doubled and tripled up with feisty bluefish on our light tackle spinning outfits until trips end!

The Tom Wilson Party was up next for "drop and reel" action and a full boat limit of seabass to 3lbs! The guys were fast into fish even before we came tight on the anchor. As your bait hit the bottom the seabass hit instantly loading both hooks with both shorts and keepers [ more than a few doubled header keepers were had]. After having their fill of the seabass we made our way back to the inlet finding what looked like a square 1/4 mile of bunker being harassed by 1 pound blues. From there we continued to make our way back to the inlet to find huge 15lbs+ slammer blues blitzing bait on the surface . Our first cast were met immediately with hook up but our light tackle rods [ and light leader material] were no match for these huge choppers teeth! Moving up in gear size we managed connecting with the blues before making a bee line for the dock for previous flight reservations.

I have this Thursday 4th and Friday 5th for either open or private charter . Bay, inlet, ocean, wreck, inshore albies, mid shore pelagics or a combination of any of the above? Give us a call and experience some of the best action found anywhere! Remember to reserve your date today for your chance to experience some of the best striped bass action found anywhere!

Monday, 17 September 2012

O.k. Back from vacation, kids back to school,seminar complete for Village Harbor Fishing Club and finally getting my Internet and lap top back in working order and we are 3 for 4 on consecutive Barnegat Bay Grand Slams [ + plus a few slams ]! The last couple of weeks have been busier than normal with not only fishing but with family and friends on the last waining moments of our summer season.


The light tackle action continues to offer plenty of rod bending opportunities with weakfish, bluefish, stripers, fluke, croaker, spot, kingfish, seabass, Trigger fish, blowfish, sand sharks, small amber/bar jacks........ and more. If that weren't enough reason to wet a line we now have false albies presently inshore along the beaches for those seeking to participate and experience the blistering runs of these sporty dragsters while incorporating either fly or spinning tackle ,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! These inshore albies are a sight casting enthusiast delight as these fast moving speedsters prove to be challenging to both tackle and anglers skills! The reward will not be the on the dinner table [ not good table fare] but the hook up itself as you watch your line melt off your reel faster than you have ever witnessed before , these fish can dump an entire spool in seconds!


The back bay trips have been fast into fish within minutes of leaving the dock with almost a new species or surprise with every adventure. Presently there are so many species of fish to catch you just don't know what the next hook up will be!

 I have 2 spot available for this Friday Open Boat afternoon 2-8pm where we will be mixing it up between the inshore albies and the mixed species presently on hand in the back bay, the cost is $150.00pp.

 The bays is absolutely jammed packed with fish and bait and this looks likely to be another outstanding Fall fishing season! Wreck fishing, back bay, inshore albies, fall migration, or combine any of these trips to best suit your desire. Come on and reserve your date for some of the best action found anywhere.


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